MyMusicMoments - Arie Mando - You and I.

Music is not a full-time job but it can be time-consuming if you want to do it right. During the day I work in the office (supply chain) so sometimes it can be demanding producing tracks in the evening sitting behind your computer again after 8 hours of work. But luckily I have a colleague who used to be a ghost producer in Holland so I am learning a lot from him every now and then about the music industry and producing. When I have time off I also assist Harmonius Justin from South Africa with the label management for Crazy Monk Records. He assigned me as a co-label manager because he is currently very busy with his work etc. This can be very time consuming as you have to do all the uploads and promo on FB/Instagram etc but I love to do it :)

How was this track recorded?

This track was recorded in Ableton with Maschine as a plugin. I used Massive  for the spacey synth sounds. I was scrolling through my soundbanks and I accidentally stumbled upon this sound. I played around with it and I immediately loved it. I think I made the track during the weekend in one go. I think those tracks are the best when you make a track in one go instead of spending hours and days on it.