Arie Mando – You and I

My artist name is Arie Mando but my real name is Fabian. My Christian name is Armando that’s one of the reasons I came up with Arie Mando. I currently live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I have been making music since 2014/2015. All of the things I learned is from youtube and tutorial videos especially Music Production Tutorials from Danny J Lewis & Sadowick. Took me a while in 2013/2014 to learn everything from scratch by myself without the help of anyone. Currently, I use Ableton &Maschine and a lot of software from Native Instruments & Arturia. Hardware wise I use Maschine & Push. They work very well when used together. Besides that, I have a Microkorg which I mostly use as midi controller but sometimes I use some sounds from it. I have lots of other gear but those I more use for trying things out.

We have a facebook chatgroup where we discuss a lot of collaborations/remixes on a weekly base. I just received a new request from Hayden Green to do a remix and I have requested Castro SA and Billy Butler to do a remix of a track of mine.Billy sent me a preview and I really like it! I just came back from holiday so I have to get back in the groove of production. Probably I will do something together with Phono-Vibez soon on Crazy Monk Records. This month a remix will be released which I did for Anily Mistry aka Deelay on Hi Energy Records. I have an EP coming out together with Unknown7 and 17branches which will be released in August. One EP on Pogo House in November with 4Tek & Lu York and one on Mole Records with Castro SA (sublabel Lisztomania Records). I also did a remix for Fizzikx which is out later this year (or next) on Lisztomania too I believe. I also plan to do some DJ mixes after summertime.

Music is not a full-time job but it can be time-consuming if you want to do it right. During the day I work in the office (supply chain) so sometimes it can be demanding producing tracks in the evening sitting behind your computer again after 8 hours of work. But luckily I have a colleague who used to be a ghost producer in Holland so I am learning a lot from him every now and then about the music industry and producing. When I have time off I also assist Harmonius Justin from South Africa with the label management for Crazy Monk Records. He assigned me as a co-label manager because he is currently very busy with his work etc. This can be very time consuming as you have to do all the uploads and promo on FB/Instagram etc but I love to do it 🙂

How was this track recorded?
This track was recorded in Ableton with Maschine as a plugin. I used Massive  for the spacey synth sounds. I was scrolling through my soundbanks and I accidentally stumbled upon this sound. I played around with it and I immediately loved it. I think I made the track during the weekend in one go. I think those tracks are the best when you make a track in one go instead of spending hours and days on it.

Can you tell me about the idea behind it?
I was scrolling through my samples and just heard these vocals from certain sample pack which I obtained. I think it was some deep house pack. In combination with the synth sound, I think it found it really spacey and “alien”sounds as my good friend ABT was calling it. The combination of sounds for me made me name the track “You and I” as we mostly dream away by hearing certain sounds or music when thinking of someone you love or want to love.

Who are your inspirations/influences?
I get a lot of inspiration from the underground sessions radio station. Especially the shows from Mood Indigo on Thursday evening from 23:00 hours (Amsterdam time) till 01:00. He is always playing that deep soulfull moody underground house and late night garage vibes. Also Robbie the rabbit (DJ Friend) is known for making futuristic videos with anime and manga/computer game characters so kept that in mind and just built the track from there. Mood Indigo was the first to play it and he kept playing it almost weekly and the listeners on UGS love it. For me that was mission accomplished.

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