Area – Dreamlessness

I’m Area. Right now I’m in Chicago. I’ve been releasing music as Area since 2004. My music making setup varies from track to track. I use computers and drum machines and synths and a field recorder, mostly.
Half of the material on this release is collaborative: Entireless is a redub by Donato Dozzy in Italy, Pop Life I recorded with a lot of help from Eltron John in Poland.

Eltron John walking his dogs

How was this album recorded?
This record was recorded all over the place I suppose. The solo tracks were done in Chicago if I recall correctly, the collaborative material was recorded abroad.

Can you tell me about the idea behind it?
It’s a textural record that you’re meant to listen to with your whole body, sometimes higher volumes work well for this.

If you sampled anyone who was it from?
I don’t recall any samples used in this release.

Who are your inspirations/influences?
It’s hard to say! I’m encouraged by the ambient works of Dreamlogicc, Strategy, Aspen, Miles Tilmann, Julianna Barwick, Black Hat. Things like that.

What are you up to next?
Next for Kimochi Sound will be a record by A New Line (Related), a musical hero of mine.

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