Acid Castello – Woman 5000

Hello, thank you for having us! Our name is Acid Castello. We are in three Italian musicians: Marcello, Endo and Jacopo. We are all from Milan, where we still live.We met about 3 years ago now. We were all helping to organise big-sized events in an alternative venue in Milan. We didn’t know each other before then and we were doing different things, but all of us shared a common interest in electronic music. The immediate consequence was to merge “in the name of the synthesizers”!

We make music together for 2 years now. Marcello and Jacopo have been making music together for quite some time under several pseudonyms and projects.

We play fully analog, with a strong preference for the 70’s and 80’s machinery. We particularly appreciate Roland and Korg’s sounds, without forgetting all the FM synthesis and the cheap 90’s expanders. We basically have the same set up in the studio as we use for our liver sessions.

We’re already working on some new tracks, which we’ll be quite different than those in “Woman 5000” which you must stay tunes for! In the meantime we are working on a series of live-acts that will soundtrack old science-based movies with fully improvized live performances.

We all have different jobs, Marcello works as agent for a beer brewery named Burp (check it out ;). Endo is a tattoo artist, and Jacopo works in building renovation.We each have one day off every week, which is exclusively dedicated to meeting and making music, from early in the morning until late in the evening.

How was the EP recorded?
Played live as an impro-jam-session, Woman5000 was recorded at home on a laptop with a motu sound card. We selected the best take, and following some effects and vocal addings, it was finalized with a simple mastering.

What was the idea behind the EP?
The idea was to create the music around an imaginary journey of a woman, from the future into the deep space.

Did you sample anyone here? If so, who?
There are no samples. But in “Landing on Conga Planet”, the percussion was played live by Davide Contento, a friend and a very talented italian percussionist.

Who are your inspirations/influences?
We all have a very different background, each one bringing many different influences. We definitely share a big love for funky, disco, hip hop, jazz, black music in any declination, and early electronic music like Kraftwerk and (some) Italo disco. We also appreciate very much all the Detroit and Chicago old-school scene (house and electro from the Traxx and Drexcyian worlds…)

What are you up to next?
New music and a world tour of course!

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